Plusmining develops three permanent reports of different periodicity (weekly, monthly, quarterly) in which various topics related to the mining industry and commodity markets are addressed. The reports are characterized by their high added value and analytical content.

Analysis of the crises that have impacted Chile, including implications for companies and industry. Each topic presented is subjected to a critical analysis by the Plusmining team. Our addition of value lies not only in the speed with which information is reported but also in the deep analysis of the implications and consequences of these events.

Topics covered include:

  • Progress of bills and regulations in Chile
  • Highlights of exploration around the world
  • Early corporate news
  • News and operational events
  • Potential merger and acquisition activity
  • Other early information obtained through Plusmining’s networks
  • Analyzes of the crises that have impacted Chile, including implications for companies and industry.

Analysis of the main corporate, economic, political, regulatory, labor, operational events, project statements that affect the mining sector in Chile, Latin America and the rest of the world.

The report consists of 3 large sections:

  • The mining industry in Chile
  • International mining industry
  • The economic and political environment

Analysis of the topics are characterized by their depth, which includes insights and business implications for the sector.

Analysis of the production and financial results of the 15 main copper companies in the world (which comprise 60% of mine production globally). Additionally, an in-depth analysis of the production of Chile’s main copper operations is included.

Some of the included indicators are:

  • Indicators of profitability and indebtedness (ROE, Net Debt and others).
  • Investment and liquidity indicators (CAPEX, Current Test and others).
  • Indicators of operational and production efficiency (attributable copper production, operating margin and others).


Plusmining has the ability to carry out various types of studies and analyzes at the request of clients who wish to enrich their understanding of a particular matter.

Considering specific characteristics and drivers of each natural resources market, and considering the latest advances in the economy of minerals, Plusmining generates detailed studies and robust forecasting of main market variables, such as, supply and demand.

The internal data base development, along with our contact network, allows us to obtain the necessary figures and data in order to perform an updated comparative analysis across several variables (costs, productivity, CAPEX, wages, benefits and technology use). This helps improve our clients’ decision-making abilities.

Our deep understanding of the mining business allows us to perform strategic analysis and scenario assessments taking into account the latest market tendencies, international legal changes and commodities market forecasts.

Plusmining has developed a scope to assess the social impact of mining projects that allows us to quantify the socio-economic impact of future projects and operations on a local and global scale.

Our wide range of knowledge referring to national regulation allows us to collaborate in designing, analyzing and managing of public policies put forth to maximize the socio-economic value of mining activities.


Knowledge dissemination

Plusmining is an ideal actor for participating in seminars, conferences, and in general for any event on the mining industry and commodity markets. As a result of the quality work carried out by the company, it has positioned itself as a permanent source of reliable and independent information, both for national and international media.


Business development

Plusmining’s detailed knowledge and extensive contact networks allow the company to provide advisory services to those seeking to develop business initiatives. The advice covers all stages of development: from the identification of a business, through its design, to its implementation within the mining and related industries. In particular, Plusmining has advantages in facilitating access to markets in Latin America, Canada and Asia.