Pandemic could mean 5% less mining production

Despite the fact that countries such as China, the main global copper consumer, have begun to reactivate their economies, it is still not possible to see a significant increase in demand for the red metal, which may affect the price of the commodity in the short term.

This is stated by Juan Carlos Guajardo, Plusmining executive director, who in conversation with MINING CHILE, analyzes the various effects that the pandemic has generated in the mining industry, in terms of production. For example, stressing that in countries like Peru companies have had to paralyze their operations.

Along these lines, he highlights the continuity that mining operations have had in Chile, although he warns that it is necessary to be attentive to how the pandemic evolves in the country to quantify its impact on national production.

The CEO of Plusmining calls for consideration of other factors that will affect the dynamism of the extractive industry in the short term, among which the current drought facing the country and the political tensions between China and the United States stand out.

Source: Minería Chilena

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