Government is already preparing the 2022 Budget: it invited a group of experts

In total there are 27 specialists called to update the projections for next year, according to the Ministry of Finance.

This project must be submitted no later than September 30.

The Ministry of Finance is already preparing to start evaluating the Nation’s Budget for the year 2022, for the preparation of which it summoned a score of experts to deliver their economic projections for next year.

This day it was announced that the portfolio summoned 27 experts who will be in charge of updating the projections of the key variables for the elaboration of the public treasury, such as the trend gross domestic product and the reference price of copper.

Among the experts are the economists Alejandro Alarcón, Rodrigo Aravena, Guillermo Le Fort, Rodrigo Wagner, among others, for the GDP edge, while for copper there will be the studies manager of the National Mining Society, Álvaro Merino.

The first session of this panel will be next Friday, August 6 and will be telematically, according to the Government.

In this way, the Executive is already preparing to start work on the 2022 Budget, which must be entered into Congress before September 30 for legislative discussion and which will be executed by the next Government that takes office in March.

Source: Radio Cooperativa